TouchDown HD for Android Tablets

Android HoneyComb Edition

TouchDown HD has improved upon earlier versions, with an updated user interface, improved navigation and faster performance. Operating on multiple emails is now smoother, with action-bar support on Honeycomb.

On HoneyComb tablets running Honeycomb 3.1 and above, the new scrollable and resizable TouchDown Widgets make it a breeze to navigate through emails, calendars and tasks without even opening the application.

TouchDown for Android Tablets

TouchDown is ready for Android tablets with a large screen resolution (> 1024 pixels on any dimension).

When run on such a device, TouchDown will automatically present the user with a new and improved home screen.

  • Splits the screen into two parts, one half for navigation and the other for selected items
  • Works in both Landscape and Portrait Mode
  • Tabs on one half for switching between Emails, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks (Notes are available only if you are connected to Exchange 2010 Servers)
  • Going to the Email view will show you the list of emails on one half, click an email to see it on the other
  • Contacts view shows contacts on one half, clicking a contact shows it on the other
  • Calendar view shows options to switch between Agenda, Day, Week, Month Views, with the actual views on half the screen
  • Tasks view shows tasks on one half, clicking a task shows it on the other
  • Notes view shows notes on one half, clicking a note shows it on the other
  • Long-pressing the back button on the Big Screen view switches to the Classic TouchDown home screen view


The following are some screenshots of the TouchDown HD Honeycomb experience (in landscape mode).